Helping Hawaii's Families

The word "hui" in Hawaiian can be translated into "a club, an association, an alliance." 2020 Friends of Hawaii Charities grant recipient Family Hui Hawaii is an organization that aims to support, encourage and empower families to thrive during all seasons of childhood.  Last year was the organization's most challenging season.  Due to the global pandemic, families experienced a complete loss of control dealing with work changes and uncertainty about their children's education at home then back at school. Caregivers adapting to new rules and challenges means families are living in a state of constant anxiety.

Family Hui Hawaii adapted by moving parent support groups to an Online Hui to keep ohana updated with Covid-informed discussions.  Parent Cafés offered sessions with topics such as Giving Yourself Grace, Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World and The Mental Load of Motherhood.  Their LENA Programs, using specific technology provided by Hui, showed parents how to build pre-literacy skills into their everyday routines and provided social connections of meeting together with an intimate group.  The Hui also posted daily music videos, art activities, story times, meditations, parenting hacks, even gratitude prompts and tales from the trenches from local families. Their Drive Bys for Essentials events provided young families with diapers, wipes, masks, toiletries, books and toys.

When you donate to a participating charity like Family Hui Hawaii through our Aloha for Hawaii Charities campaign, that charity will receive 100% of your donation plus a bonus boost from a funding pool generated by Friends of Hawaii Charities from the 2021 Sony Open in Hawaii.  The campaign ends Wednesday, January 20, 2021 (4 pm HST).

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Photo courtesy Family Hui Hawaii