Congratulations to our 2023 honorees!

Luke Newton

2023 Volunteer Chair of the Year

Most fans will never spot the volunteers behind-the-scenes, but their work is evident all week whether you’re watching the Sony Open in Hawaii on Golf Channel or among the gallery of fans lining the fairways and greens at Waialae. The 2023 Volunteer Chair of the Year, Luke Newton, leads the Ropes & Stakes Committee. His team not only has crucial “inside the ropes” responsibilities at the Sony Open in Hawaii, but also plan, stake, and set up the course ropes and markers across Waialae’s 18 holes of championship turf – an arduous feat which must be completed before the PGA TOUR competition can commence.

“I wholeheartedly believe in good karma, that’s why I volunteer,” Newton said, “I love meeting new people, and working with great people. I enjoy it! I’m going to do it until someone tells me that I can’t do it anymore.”



Kuniko Frandsen

2023 Volunteer of the Year

One of the first faces to welcome professional golfers and qualifying amateurs to the Sony Open in Hawaii is a friendly and familiar one – our 2023 Volunteer of the Year Kuniko Frandsen. She has volunteered at the PGA TOUR event held at Waialae Country Club for 25 years,15 years with the Pro Registration team and 10 years with the Pro Services volunteer committee. The honoree enjoys volunteering at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

Based at the Waialae Clubhouse, the Pro Services Committee not only welcomes and handles registration for pro players arriving for the Sony Open in Hawaii, but these volunteers also remain on hand as an information resource for PGA TOUR pros and their family members.

Says Pro Services Committee Chair Lillian Langeslay, who nominated Frandsen for the honor, “Kuniko’s bilingual English and Japanese skills have been extremely helpful when dealing with the many golfers and guests who attend the tournament. Best of all, working with Kuniko is a joy!”