Aloha for Hawaii Charities Final Round Finish Today at 4pm Hawaii Time!

Sony Open in Hawaii 2022

Today is the last day to show your Aloha for Hawaii Charities!  When you donate to a participating charity through Aloha for Hawaii Charities today (campaign closes at 4 pm HST), that charity will receive 100% of your donation plus a bonus boost from a funding pool generated by Friends of Hawaii Charities from the 2022 Sony Open in Hawaii.

"People don't realize just how much a meal means to people.  You can't really speak to anybody when they have an empty stomach, and we really want to get people feeling like they are cared about and that they have a future, they have something to hope for," said Connie Mitchell, IHS Executive Director. "Friends of Hawaii Charities has enabled us to continue, made it possible for so many (non-profits) in the community to continue with their mission."

Let's finish this season's Aloha for Hawaii Charities with another win for local charities!  

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